Thursday, November 13, 2014

Be a Team Player at the Tavares Christmas Parade

All through school, I was too small and maybe too indifferent to be good in any sports.  I wasn't as tall as some of the other girls, so I didn't reach higher. I wasn't as fast as some of the other girls, so I didn’t try catching them. It wasn't that I din't want to tryout for sports but I have always been a "realist".  My friends call me the "Dream Killer" but the truth is, I didn't bother trying out for sports because I knew it wasn't going to lead me anywhere great....or even to a team roster. 
I also had a go at playing instruments. Sitting with a french horn in my lap pretending to play notes; I had no clue where my fingers should be so I pushed the keys randomly and blew invisible puffs of air into the cold metal mouth piece.I couldn't get my mojo at any one thing but I do I remember wanting to be a part of something. I wanted to be a team player. 
Around 7th grade, a teacher posted a note on the board announcing that they were looking for Color Guards. Waving flags and throwing wooden rifles in the air? I can do that! For the next 2 years we marched in seamless patterns as we flipped our colorful flags and spun those rifles to create a grand musical production. We led our school to the state championships and achieved higher levels of accolades than any of our sports teams or the band groupies ever had. We marched proudly in parades as keyed up people waved and clapped passionately at our seemingly mind blowing accomplishment of marching in perfectly synchronized harmony. 
Thirty five years later, I watch my niece march by in the Tavares, FL Christmas Parade with her cute holiday outfit waving her baton and I remember a time when I was a proud part of the winning team.  I give a big "Hurrah!!"  as she beams a big smile at me and marches on to captivate the rest of the world.
Come out and support the kids and businesses at the 2014 Tavares Christmas Parade on Saturday Dec 6. 
I hear that there will be a surprise visit by Santa himself arriving in what else, but a Seaplane of course!
You can have your business or organization be a part of the Christmas parade too.
Parade Applications are Due No Later Than November 24.
Come be a part of the City of Tavares Christmas Parade on Saturday, December 6. Applications to participate in the parade must be submitted no later than NOVEMBER 24.
Entry fee is an unwrapped toy or food bank donation. For more information call 352.742.6319 or