Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Father-Daughter Dance February 7th at the Tavares Civic Center

The annual Father Daughter dance is almost here already! 

I remember when I was a little girl and my Dad would lift me up onto his shoes and we would waltz around the kitchen floor in perfect tempo just like in a fairy tale cartoon.
We would swirl around and my sister would giggle wildly waiting for her turn on the "dance floor" with the dashing prince. My mom would smile and clap her hands and all the world was good.

What a joy it was to look up at his smiling face, all the worries and cares of the world gone for just that moment.
Sure we were scolded. Sure we had arguments. Sure we had problems over the years. No family is perfect
but it is those short moments that last a lifetime.
Today as I approach 50 and my father creeps up on 80, the memory is still fresh like it was yesterday and I am propelled back to a silly 5 year old.
Tavares, FL hosts an annual Father-Daughter dance Friday February 7, 2014 and it's the perfect time to create a memory of  a lifetime. Dust off those dancing shoes and celebrate Valentine's Day early with your little princess. She's only going to be a little girl for a little time!

Tavares Civic Center, 6pm - 8pm. TICKETS NOW ON SALE. Limited tickets, so first come, first served at the Tavares Parks & Rec office on St. Clair Abrams - $10 per couple. For more info call 352.742.6370